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About me

Hello darlings! I'm Ayla, and I am so happy that you are here.

My love for teaching started many years ago, I went to University and completed a BA Honours Degree in Physical Education, as I have always had a passion for movement and working with people. After graduating, I took off on a gap year and went travelling around Australia and South-East Asia. It was here that I found my love for surfing and yoga. It was more than just a hobby, surfing and yoga became a lifestyle that I feel in love with. I felt better than ever and I knew that I had found something that really resinated with me and seemed to fit me perfectly. After this trip I ended up working as a Surf Instructor for 4 years, and worked all over the world. I am now teaching yoga classes both locally in North Wales and online... and I am loving every minute!

No matter what I am doing, or where I am, I love to teach people and provide a wonderful service and experience. I completed my 200hour Yoga Teacher Training Course and I am now working full time as a certified Yoga Instructor. My aim is to support and inspire people to feel their best through the practice of yoga. 

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My Story

I completed my Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training at a renowned Indian Yoga School in the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain (Green Yoga International). Between all of the travelling and surfing, I have practiced yoga for over 7 years, and felt that the time was right to finally share my biggest passion (and my secret to living a well-balanced lifestyle). I am now teaching a number of different yoga classes, so that you too can live a life free of judgement, filled with happiness and gratitude. I aim to help my students better connect to themselves and their surroundings, feel their best and work to improve their overall heath and wellbeing.


My main focus is to create authentic, mindful and strong yoga classes, that will suit people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. I aim to ensure that my students leave the yoga class feeling calmer, happier and hopefully a little bit better than before. Book a class with me now and start your wellness journey!

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Q & A

How did you first discover your yoga and what kept bringing you back, so much so that you decided to train to teach?


I first discovered Vinyasa flow, I would go to classes around North Wales and I just enjoyed moving my body in a way that felt good. I ended up travelling all around the world as a Surf Instructor and began to practice more and more. Whilst working in South-France I was working at a Surf Camp that offered yoga to our guests- I was practicing everyday and eventually thought, I would love to learn more and teach this to people too! And from then I decided to study, learn and share this wonderful practice with whoever was willing to join me. I ended up really enjoying teaching Hatha and Yin, as they connect to me the most. So I would always advise people to take time to discover what they like, and try something different too.


Where have you trained, and with who?


I trained with Green Yoga International, a beautiful Indian Yoga School on the island of Mallorca, Spain. It was an intense month, but I loved every moment of it. I discovered so much about this incredible ancient practice, and I also learnt so much about myself. I’m planning on taking some further trainings this year too, I love Yin Yoga so would like to enrol on an extra 50 hour Yin course. 


How long have you been a student? How long have you been teaching?


I have been practicing yoga for over 7 years. I think I took my first ever Yoga class in Llandudno when I was about 22. And since then I have dabbled in and out. I take part in a lot of different sports and activities, I am a surfer, rock climber and snowboarder. But I always make time to come to my mat, to calm my mind and release tension. Over the past 3 years I definitely made yoga a priority. I wanted to learn as much as possible about this practice and way of life. It wasn’t until September 2020 that I did my YTT. And so, since I have been qualified, I have mainly been teaching private 1:1 classes, and lots of online Zoom classes over lockdown too. Now that things are starting to open up again, I will be teaching face to face classes all over North Wales, and I cannot wait to meet lots of new yogis! It really is a dream come true for me. I feel so incredibly lucky. 

Describe a typical class with you…..


I always start my classes with a few moments to ground yourself. To connect to the breath, and to check-in with how you are feeling (physically, emotionally and mentally). Without judgement. Just noticing. 

If it is more of a movement based class (Hatha or Vinyasa), then I start with some gentle warm ups, before moving onto Sun Salutations and a standing and seated sequence. Throughout the class, I provide modifications, and options for people to explore their way through their practice- to take it a bit easier, or perhaps challenge themselves- whatever my students are feeling, that is what will truly guide them. I try to let them know that it doesn’t really matter what I am doing, or the other people in the class. Their practice is for them, and them only. I then like to slow the practice right down towards the end of the class. I love a long savasana, to really allow time for people to relax, to allow the physical practice to settle into the body. And to allow my students to fully let go. In my Yin classes things are a little different- these are very relaxing throughout, but not always easy. We really get deep into the connective tissues in the body, and we try to remain as still as possible. I often tell stories, or use guided mediations and visualisations throughout the Yin practices. But no matter what class I am teaching, I always try to remain calm, reassuring and present. To help my students to get as much as possible from the session. 


Are your classes suitable for beginners? 


Yes all of my classes are suitable for beginners! In my personal practice I love to challenge myself (although not always! some days I simply take a Childs pose, some deep breaths and that is my practice for that day). Other days I am working on more advanced postures such as headstand/ forearm stand, king pigeon, or deep backbends. But in my classes I like to offer options. I cannot do every single yoga pose in the world. And that’s OK. My students will be given options to explore and see what happens in a safe and controlled way. Never pushing themselves, but being open and willing to try and fail. I tell my students that it doesn’t matter how a pose looks- only how it feels. Of course alignment is important, but I never teach for aesthetic reasons. Only go for what feels good, and go to where your body wants to go- not where you try to force it to. Beginners are always welcome to my classes, because we are all beginners in some sense, just at different levels ;) 

Take a moment to unclench your jaw, soften your forehead, relax your shoulders and breathe. Enjoy :-)

Also remember that the yoga community is filled with loving, compassionate, supportive people who are driven to make a difference. If you want to ask your yoga teacher or a fellow practitioner a question, then ask them. I guarantee they will be very happy you did.




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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