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Why Ayla Yoga?

Ayla's 3 principles teaching principles

Founded in North Wales in 2020, Ayla believes in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and free of judgement. These feelings inform and guide our core teachings and practices at Ayla Yoga, as Ayla focuses on helping her students better connect to themselves and their surroundings. We offer a variety of services, classes, workshops, and more to help all of our clients achieve healthier bodies and minds.


Asana - The postures. Even the easiest of poses are sometimes the most difficult or have the most benefits. For Ayla yoga is not about how the pose looks, but how the pose makes you feel. Of course alignment is important, but every human body is different and Ayla will work with you so that you and your body can get the most reward from the Asanas. 



Meditation. Numerous studies have proven the benefits of regular meditation. These include decreased stress, improved concentration, lower blood pressure and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, just to name a few. And while there are different types of meditation, they can all offer a similar set of proven benefits for mental and physical health. In Ayla’s yoga classes, a big focus will be set on meditation and relaxation to help you quieten your mind, and open your heart.


Pranayama - The breath. Oh the breath. You will always hear Ayla (and many other yoga teachers) talk about the breath. But why is it so important? Well, the breath (if used correctly) can stimulate the vagus nerve, which simulates your parasympathetic system, aka the ‘rest and restore’ mode within the body. This is what keeps us feeling relaxed, safe and happy. But most people are not breathing ‘correctly’ and instead when we breathe, we end up stimulating our sympathetic nervous system, aka ‘fight or flight’ mode. This is what kicks in when our life is in danger to help us survive. Through a regular yoga practice, you can learn more about the breath and the power that it has. Ayla will guide you through techniques on how to breathe in a safer and healthier way.

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