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The Studio

Located in the heart of Llandudno on upper Mostyn Street, you'll find a lovely coffee shop

Providero Tea & Coffee House.

Upstairs however, is where you'll find the magical Studio.

Ayla has worked hard on making this a calm, welcoming, safe & inspiring space for her Students, and has taken inspiration from the beach (only 2 minutes away from the Studio) to create this beautiful, tranquil & stress-free atmosphere. 

Read below to find out what the Studio has to offer. 

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All equipment is provided for you:

- Yoga mat

- Blocks

- Strap

- Cushion

- Bolster

- Eye pillow

You may wish to bring some extra layers so you can be warm/ cool enough + you will need to bring your own re-usable water bottle. 

(Wipes will be provided so you can give your mat a quick clean before the next person uses it).

Essential Oils & Crystals

As you walk into the Studio you will find a table to your left. Here there are some Roller Ball Essential Oils for you to use (simply roll on to wrists and dab on your neck/ temples/ etc) before taking a seat on a mat. 

There are also some crystals on the table, if you feel drawn to any crystal in particular, you may use the crystal during your yoga practice  (place it at the top f your mat). When class is finished, please place the crystal back on the table .

There will also be flyers on the table, which you are welcome to take home with you (please share with your friends & family and help spread the word about Ayla Yoga classes) ♡

Ayla Yoga Essential Oils.JPG
Ayla Yoga Llandudno.jpg


Does the Studio have toilets?

- Yes there are mens & women toilets & showers

What do I wear on my feet?

- Barefoot feet in the Studio, you may take off your shoes at the door before entering, then place them on the shoe racks

Can I pay cash?

- Yes, you are welcome to come to a class and pay cash. But you must let Ayla know so that she can reserve a space for you

I have more questions, how do I contact Ayla?

- Please Email or

WhatsApp 07595677758 with any other questions

See you on the mat

I look forward to welcoming you to the Studio, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

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