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Why Yoga?


Physical benefits:

There is a common misconception that in order to practice yoga, you need to be flexible. This simply is not true. Yes, regular asana practice does have the potential to build flexibility increase fat loss, develop muscle tone etc. But yoga also works on your balance, co-ordination and concentration. The yoga classes that I offer also help you to build muscle strength and endurance... but above all, I will guide you to a place that feels comfortable in your own body. Yoga is a meditative and holistic practice, more focused on self-awareness than calorie-burning.

Mental benefits:

Yoga increases body awareness. It also has the potential to relieves stress, reduce muscle tension, strain, and inflammation. Yoga can also calm and centre the nervous system. Clearing your energy, leaving you feeling calmer and lighter.

Personal Experience:

Yoga for me simply makes me feel better. I love to move my body to stay supple and mobile, and I find that by implementing breathwork throughout my practice, I am a lot more connected to myself, which in turn allows me to feel happier and more at peace




Vinyasa yoga is a posed based class that links breath and movement. Often referred to as a flow class, flow yoga or power yoga. Most vinyasa classes are a full body work-out with special attention paid to increasing strength, flexibility and mobility in different areas such as the shoulders, hips, glutes and core (depending on the class). Classes can be slow or fast paced depending on the intention of the class.


The root of all yoga comes from Hatha. In Hatha practice, you can expect to hold postures for a longer period of time whilst being guided to greater depths and in proper alignment to ensure safety and success in the poses, so that you can really feel the benefits of each pose (asana). 


Yin Yoga has a select few postures, that target different areas of the body and each pose (asana) is held for several minutes. This helps the muscles relax and so the target area of stress is the tendons, ligaments and fascia. It isn't until after around 2-3 minutes that we can fully relax into a pose - and this is when the real benefits start to happen! By stressing the tendons, ligaments and fascia, you are improving blood flow into an area where there is generally a limited supply. It is an extremely slow paced class, and generally restorative


Meditation is a practice to train the mind not to wander into the worldly thoughts of the past or the future. Meditation is a centuries old art that combines relaxation and self-awareness throughout the entire mind, body and soul. Traditionally used in a spiritual sense, more and more people are turning towards it to find their inner peace and dive headfirst into the journey of living a happier, more fulfilled lifestyle. 


Pranayama : Prana = breath, Yama = to control. With different breathing techniques we can learn how to use our breathe for all kinds of benefits. Whether the goals is to feel more calm, boost concentration or simply relax - working with our breath using various Pranayama techniques can do it all. 


Ayla also offers other different types of sessions, depending on what your needs are, if none of the above are what you are looking for - there will always be a solution to help you. All you have to do is reach out by filling in the form here:

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