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To help newcomers see my classes from a students perspective before they step onto their mats for the first time, I asked my yoga students to leave me an honest review about my yoga classes.... Let's see what they said...


Ayla is the loveliest, sweetest and most knowledgeable yoga instructor I’ve ever been to. She empowers her yogis to believe in themselves and is really encouraging. Her classes are never the same, they are varied and cover different abilities, but Ayla always offers alternatives and reassures her students that it’s okay if we can’t reach certain positions. I’ve been going to Ayla for over four months now and the progress with my flexibility and strength is unbelievable.

Eleanor Hails


Amazing classes, great for beginners, Ayla is a super patient teacher and adapts everything she does to accommodate all levels. As my hubby & I are new to yoga we really value her understanding & expertise.

Helen Moore


I had always wanted to try practicing yoga but never quite found the right teacher up until I came across Ayla on Instagram, and decided to come along with a friend. I have never looked back. Ayla is the most wonderful teacher, calm and concise with her instructions and I always leave feeling so much better than when I walked in, mind body and soul.

Montanna Bacon


Ayla’s classes were the first yoga classes I ever attended & have changed my life! They are so relaxing & I leave feeling refreshed. Ayla is so welcoming and talented in her practice! Highly recommend ❤️

Sophie Griffiths


Yoga with Ayla is one of the highlights of my week. I have been doing yoga at home for around 7 years, intermittently trying classes - none of which I enjoyed much until I tried Ayla. She brings the most wonderful energy and enthusiasm to her classes. She has encouraged me to learn new skills, stretch myself and improve my yoga practice. I would highly recommend giving her classes a go. If you like fairy lights, plants, candles and beautiful energy - these are the classes for you!!

Savannah Senior


I love coming to Ayla’s yoga classes. Ayla is a wonderful teacher and I always feel so welcome and safe in her classes. I struggled in the past to connect to my yoga instructor and never felt like I was improving but Ayla is always so welcoming and I feel like I’m improving my practice every week. See you soon Ayla!

Beth Evans


Other than the odd YouTube video, I was a true Yoga novice before I started Ayla's classes. She really does tailor for all levels and often suggests alternative positions if it's getting a little tricky. If you're contemplating joining a class, just go for it! You'll feel fantastic afterwards, and like myself, may find yourself a new way to unwind & stretch! Lovely venue at Providero too - handy to pop for a post-yoga coffee!

Jess Jayne


Ayla’s yoga sessions are warm and welcoming with expert and professional advice. I have personally attended the Yin Yoga sessions which helped me develop my flexibility and connect with my body. Ayla always offers advice personalised to your needs to help you. I thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend Ayla Yoga.

Barry Imms


Lovely teacher who works hard to make sure that each class is a beautiful, welcoming experience. I sleep so well after each class! Highly recommended.

Jane Steen


Really enjoyed the class Ayla is lovely, very calm, room is nice and spacious, I will continue going to the class

Karen Walker


Thank you

Thank you so much to my wonderful yogis for taking the time & effort to leave such kind and honest reviews. I am truly grateful. 

If you are interested in joining a class with me, and have any questions at all- please do not hesitate to get in contact. 

Ayla x

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