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About Ayla

Hello darlings! I'm Ayla, and I am so happy that you are here

My love for teaching started many years ago during my studies at Edge Hill University whilst completing a Degree in Physical Education (I've always had a passion for movement and working with people). After graduating, I took off on a gap year and went travelling around Australia and South-East Asia. It was during these travels that I found my love for surfing and yoga. It was more than just a hobby, surfing and yoga became a lifestyle that I feel in love with. I felt better than ever and I knew that I had found something that really resinated with me and seemed to fit me perfectly. After this trip I ended up working as a Surf Instructor for 6 years, and worked all over the world. Nowadays I'm less in the water, and more on my mat! I've been teaching yoga classes full-time in a beautiful Studio (Prov Space) in Llandudno, North Wales for the past 3 years.. and I am loving every minute!

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Located in the heart of Llandudno, only 2 minutes from the sea, Ayla has created a relaxing, beach inspired space for you to come and feel safe, calm + welcome.
All equipment is provided for you ~ all you have to bring is yourself and a (reusable) water bottle. 

Class Bookings



Join me at the studio above Providero, Llandudno where I have had professional ballet barres installed specifically for this new workout class.

I recently completed the BarreConcept Instructor Training Course in London with the UK’s number one barre instructor trainer in Europe - Emma Wham. 

What you can expect is that Barre is a ballet barre conditioning workout like no other. Barre is a creative 60 minute workout, which combines the precision of Pilates, alignment of Yoga and the grace and technique of Ballet. 

Add to this the strength from sports conditioning and you have all the elements of a Barre session.

Most importantly, barre feels elegant and fun. Sculpt and shape in this classic style.

What you need:
Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your class.
Wear comfortable clothing.
Wear grippy socks or have bare feet.
Bring a water bottle.

Suitable for all levels, beginners welcome!

*you will need a basic level of fitness

For more information & bookings, please see the link below.


L. Mason

“I have done a few of Ayla's classes now, and am finding them eye opening; physically, mentally and spiritually. Her fresh perspective on the ancient practise of  Yoga is beautiful as she incorporates strength, calm and mindfulness in every class she gives. Thank you.

S. Sykes

“Studying yoga under Ayla is genuinely amazing. Her classes are so well planned, her themes are relevant and her execution is flawless. She has such a gentle and reassuring tone to her voice that makes you fully believe you can do anything. The verbal cues are easy to follow and understand so I don't have to strain my neck to see what to do. Can't fault her!” 

C. Hughes

“Ayla has such a warm and gentle manner, which lends itself to this beautiful practice. She really listens and displays empathy before and during the yoga session. She made me feel totally at ease. The one to one sessions I can only describe as amazing, leaving me feeling so relaxed in both body and mind.”

You are exactly where you are supposed to be, here + now.

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