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Ayla Yoga

✨Relax, Glow & Reset✨

Hi! I'm Ayla

You're so welcome here. Feel free to take your time and have a look around. Discover how and why yoga is my biggest secret to living a well-balanced lifestyle, and why I truly believe that yoga is for everyone... including you ♡

In my yoga classes, I aim to create awareness of the connection of the body, mind and spirit. I love to combine vinyasa flow, hatha and yin in my practices....

So join me on the mat, and let's flow together ♡ 

If you would like a more personalised yoga experience I also offer private sessions in North Wales (either at the Yoga Studio or at your home). This can be working 1:1 with you, getting a group of friends together or corporate classes.

I welcome everyone to my classes, from all walks of life, whether you have never stepped on a yoga mat before or have been practicing for years!

 Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle?


Weekly Classes